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35,278 people contributed information about their experience with COVID infections and vaccinations and this is what we learned


COVID Symptoms

  • In 2020, when COVID testing was hard to get, fever, loss of taste and loss of smell were the symptoms most predictive of testing positive.
  • People who were at highest risk of having breathing problems were obese or had underlying respiratory disorders.

COVID Vaccines

  • All 3 vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J) were highly effective for preventing COVID infection (95% reduction), and those of you who did get infected had much milder symptoms including protection from breakthrough infections.
  • There were very few severe side effects and many of you reacted more to the second dose than the first dose of two-dose vaccines.
  • Fewer side effects were reported by people who had a seasonal flu vaccine before their COVID vaccine.


  • People who reported having autoimmune disorders appear to have persistent COVID symptoms over 30 days, particularly fatigue.

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Participation by State